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Layout on Jasper Server is different (inconsistent) then in JasperStudio (same JRXML)


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Hi all,


We make reports for customers using the Jasper Studio and generate them using JasperReports Server. Now I have this issue when I have much text in a Text Field or Static Text (happens with both) the calculation of the height goes wrong, but only on the server. 


When I preview a report with a lot of text, followed by some other Static Text fields (representing a table), either in Word or Java preview, the report is beautiful! The text ends exactly where I want (and designed) it to stop. You can see here: jasperStudio.png.e8715f448a7344eb9da5ed5b0ad188c5.png


But when I publish this report to the JasperReport Server (same document, same JRXML, published through Eclipse). The layout gets messed up and the whitespace between the fields is much bigger. I've tried everything to solve this problem (applied different markup styles, tested with Text Field and Static Fields ) that I could think of. I hope that someone around here can help me. Thank you very much in advance! Her ther report:



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