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Hello, Dears,
Im newbie in JasperReports Server, I have created two Jasper Reports, Report_1 and Report_2, Report_1 has the control named Date between (filter on date) and Report_2 has also the same control (Date between), but when i try to create a Dashboard which contain the two reports, I click on the "Multiple Report Controls" tab under "Special Content" but no futures appears in it !!! The common Control "Date Between" appears successfully under the "Single Report Controls" tab.... So what is the mistake that i have done ? And how to resolve it ??? In other words, how to make the "Date between' control appear under the "Multiplie Report Controls" ?

I googled a lot, but either I used the wrong keywords or there are no simple solutions on the internet. I hope somebody here can help me.

Best regards and thanks in advance.


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After a hard work, i got the solution finally, There is two methods to do this:
Method 1: Create two domains and in each domain have the same name to the Date column.

Method 2: Create a join between the two derived tables, then you can add the two derived table to the Ad hoc editor, and finally put the same field (Date) in the row .... but this method is just to appear the Date in the Multiple Reports Controls and it may execute a wrong Query (join between to tables) to give a wrong data and finally to generate an Untrusted report !!! So be careful when you try to do this method !!! I suggest you to use the first method ... 

Thanks @ernestoo for your efforts, I don't understand what you mean ! but i think that is the same idea between us !

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