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dtd file assignment

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By: simon broggi - siiimon

dtd file assignment

2002-04-23 07:36

on the first line of the design xml there is an url(http://www.jasperreports.com/dtds/jasperreport-0.2.5.dtd) that discribes which dtd file belongs to the xml. In the Jasper source i found a piece of code that was a case which set the dtd filepath to the place where the dtds are kept according to which url is writen in the xml. Now if you open the xml with a tool like xml spy it says the file is not well formed becaus it dosn't know where to take the dtd from since the url is not valide.

i was wondering if there is a reason why the path of the dtd is not directly stated in the xml file. This would allow other programs then jasper to read the design-xml file, but would there be any disadvantages?



By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: dtd file assignment

2002-05-21 08:42




The DTD file is included in the JasperReports

JAR file.


The URL to this DTD file is a virtual URL and

the library uses an entity resolver to locate

it in the JAR.


The DTD reference was created to be use by

JasperReports and not by other XML validating



To use such programs you have to modify the

DOCTYPE reference and put the DTD file somewhere

on disk for them to see it.


I think in the future, the DTD files will be also

available online at this location:




Thank you,


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