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By: John Pollard - johnnypoll

Viewing PDF

2002-05-21 06:55

JasperViewer can be used to display JasperPrint data. I am interested in why JasperPrint is used instead of going directly to PDF?

Also, when printing, is PDF generated to feed to the printer?





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Viewing PDF

2002-05-21 07:24




JasperPrint is the basic and most important

output format.


PDF output is an optional output format like the

XML output that I have recently introduced and

like other formats that will come in the future

(RTF, HTML, CSV, etc).


If we wouldn't have this basic format, which is

in fact a serialized object, we would not be able

to generate other formats by implementing

different JasperReports printers (JRPrinterPDF,

JRPrinterXML, etc)


To print documents, the library uses Java Print API.

Check the JRPrinterAWT class to see how it's done.




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