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Error in adhoc view


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Hello all!

I have AWS installation of Jasperserver. Behind that I have a postgres DB, hosted separately in AWS. I access Postgres DB using JDBC driver with master user credntials. The connection test is OK, I also can create data domain with no problems.

Then I try to create ad hoc view, When I'm trying to add fields from data domain to view, i see the error "An error occured while performing previous request." The error occures for 7 fields out of 9; 2 fields can be added with no issues. I noticed, that for problem fileds I can not change in the Data Domain properties -> the Display tab -> data properties from Dimansion to Measure. Particular data domain is based on a simple table (not views, no prcedures e.t.c.)

Any ideas where the problem can be?

KR, Dmitry

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Finally I have the answer - the problem is that Jasper does not work correctly with column names, that contain spaces. Since I removed all spaces from column names (and capital letters as well, but not sure they had an impact on the problem), everything works fine.


Hope it will help someone.

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