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Reporting on HTML Data

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I have a similar issue i.e. data in the DB has HTML markup that I would like to either be suppressed or used effectively for its intended purpose e.g. <B> becomes bold in the report(ideally) .


Is there a way to get this done in jasper for the PDF and HTML report



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It depends on what HTML tags it contains and if it is well-formatted XHTML. Have you tried to set isStyledText="true" on your text field?


Note that styled text in JR only supports a limited set of HTML tags. Check the /demo/samples/styledtext sample provided for a list of supported tags.


I hope this helps.


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i have a related question.

thanks for the styledtext reference - it is very helpful.

i applied what i found in that example and HTML and PDF format both display the correct stylized text.


my issue is that i am trying to apply those styles in XLS format as well.

[really just want to apply isBold]


is there something unique that i have to set/configure for styledtext to work in XLS format?





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