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Error when Inserting > or < symbol in Text Label


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Hello All,


I'm running JRS 5.5, and if I attempt to insert a > (greater than) or < (less than) symbol into a Text Label while in Dashboard Designer, I receive the following error:


Error Details

An error has occurred. Please contact your system administrator. (5321)


My question is this: how do I escape a > (greater than) or < (less than) symbol in a Text Label in JRS 5.5 Dashboard Designer? 


Similarly, if I attempt to insert an ampersand (&) into a Text Label, the symbol is replaced with &. Subsequent edits to that same Text Label will continue to insert amp; indefinitely. So the initial & becomes &amp;amp;...


Thanks much


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Thanks for your response.


Though I find it a bit unusual that a Text Label is constrained in this way, as it is not associated with any user input, hence neither a candidate for CSS nor SQL injection.


My sense is that Text Labels might be getting included in the same security-based rules assessment that other input controls are. This might--perhaps--be done in error.


Regardless, thanks again for your timely response.


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