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JRPageViewer not found

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By: Dejan - dnikolov

JRPageViewer not found

2002-05-20 05:43

Hi when I start report in my application I get the following


Exception occurred during event dispatching:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: dori/jasper/view/JRPageViewer


in jasperreports0.3jar JRPageViewer class not exist. Why?

I try to put JRPageViewer class from jasperreports0.2.5.jar

But I get more error.

How to solve this problem?





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: JRPageViewer not found

2002-05-20 07:57




In the 0.3.0 version, the internal architecture

of the library was changed dramatically, in order

to support adding new features like subreports.


Instead of adapting the old viewers, I provided

new ones, because they were of poor code quality.


However, you should note that those viewers are

provided more like demo applications and are put

in a separate package.


It should not be difficult for one to make its

own viewers using the core functionality of the

library, which is not subject to change very



In the 0.3.0 version, the JRPageViewer was

replaced by JRViewer, which is a JPanel that can

be integrated in Swing applications or applets

to view reports.


I think you should switch to the new viewers,

because the old ones are gone for good.


Sorry for any inconvenience!




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