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Reporting and Analytics Pre-sale question.. (Can it do this?)


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Hi everyone,

   I am looking at a reporting and BI tool (will be using it with Amazon AWS) and I want to see if the tool can handle these needs before I go too much further.

   We work with multiple companies who log into our web portal. There really are two needs.

1)  Individuals need to view reports specific to them. This is all pulling data from the database, but the individuals need to view their own performance metrics and then be able to save those reports as a PDF to their local machine. (I am thinking our portal can have a link to the report that uses a url param or something to indicate the individuals ID???)

2) Managers and Divisionals at those companies need to be able to review reports based on their teams and potentially do some BI (drilling down into data etc).  What I am concerned about is that all of this employee heirarchy is already in our database structure. Talking with pre-sales, I was told each manager needs to be set up with a different role to ensure that they can only see their relevant data. I really want this to be driven from the data versus roles within Jaspersfoft. (Maybe they have a role that allows general access to the analytical functions).

So, my question to the community is, is what I want possible within Jaspersoft? It seems like I should be able to have all of this be data driven, so the database controls what data an individual can see vs setting that up in the tool.

So, Brett logs in with ID # 12345.. the data limits what Brett can see based on that ID.

I really appreciate any advice/input that the community can provide.

Thanks in advance!


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Hello Brett,

I assume you're looking into JasperReports Server. I believe both requirements are possible. JR engine allows you to parametrize report queries and JRS had administrative functionality (users roles, profile attributes) that can limit access to certain data or reports. Reports can use JRS user details like user name or profile attribute to parametrize the query. Alternatively you can create a domain and set up domain security for it that would restrict data access to different users.

I would strongly suggest you to contact our sales team for more details on the JR/JRS features.

Kind regards,


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