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By: Ilievski Bozidar - bobi1978

empty reports

2002-04-19 02:24


When the report is empty,

(i.e. the query returns 0 rows)

I don't see nothing with JasperViewer.


Can anyone tell me how to get just the TITLE

of the report in this case.




By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: empty reports

2002-05-16 08:01




This is not a simple problem.


It's not clear what sections should we print

if we have no records in the data source.


This is why for the moment we print nothing.


Maybe someone would want to have also the group

headers and footers printed.


I suggest you test the number of records before

generating the report or test the JasperPrint object

for content before viewing it.


In case of no records, you can get the title

(but also the other sections) by using an instance

of JREmptyDataSource.


I hope it helps.





By: Mihai Gheorghiu - tanethq

RE.: empty reports

2002-05-16 09:40

So, if the ResultSet is empty, does JasperManager.runReportToPdf output anything?



By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: RE.: empty reports

2002-05-19 23:36




It creates a PDF document without any pages in it.

An empty one.




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