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I am designing dashboards for different levels of users in my company. However, some of these reports are quite intensive on the database. I would love for my dashboards to have 2 things:


1) Scheduling reports already getting the graphs and tables done, even before the user loads up his/her dashboard

2)Preventing the user from clicking the refresh button.


Is there a way to do this? I'm running jaspersoft in an AWS server, with MYSQL data.



On a side note, is there a way to change the look and feel of the dashboard in terms of fonts? I couldn't find any info about it in the documentation


Thank you,


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I have found a way of creating the schedules, but whenever I integrate the reports in my dashboards, it uses the straight up report and it take over 30s to load. When using the html/pdfs generated by the scheduler, it takes away the interactivity and it doesn't allow me to resize and whatnot. Is this the only way??


I have eliminated the refresh button by changing some confs in the css of the theme. This problem is solved.

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Hi Daniel,

Let me answer your queries here one by one.

Regarding changing the look and feel of dashboard, we have developed a plugin known as "Helical Dashboard Insight" it works on top of Jaspersoft

Using this we can
- can have dashboard feature in Jaspersoft community edition
- can create any new input parameter, thus not limited to the ones provided by Jaspersoft
- add new HTML, thus controlling color size text font and entire look and feel
- ability to use bootstap themes
- real time charting possible
- add javascript, hence can make BI visualizations very interactive
- add new resources
- ability to have intra panel communication inside a dashboard
- selectively apply input parameters
- adding new javascripting charts now a cakewalk
 - real time charting and visualization using websockets
- ability to create additional plugins simple using JS (for backend) and html for frontend
- can fetch data from any db (even adding new db via connectors easy task)
- we can have additional feature in which an end user can change the chart type on the fly
Hence, we can easily control the entire look and feel, font, size of font, size of panel, color, position, addition of images etc can be easily done.


2. Preventing user from refresh button

Using this plugin, you can create charts using websockets. hence as soon as the information in the db changes, the chart will get updated.


3. Updating charts on db before user clicks it

We can create custom events, hence even this can be taken care of


Get in touch at nikhilesh@helicaltech.com for more information

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