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Memory Leak - Using Virtualizer - Urgent

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By: kponraj - kponraj

Memory Leak - Using Virtualizer - Urgent

2005-10-17 18:47



I am trying to generate large report with 10.000 pages and i am using virtualizer with the cache size of 500. Without using virtualizer i am able to genereate report upto 10,000 pages but when using virtualizer i am able to fill only upto 1500 pages and also i am getting out of memory error. I see that the memory taken using virtualize is higher than without using virtualizer.I am using the heap size of JVM as 512. The release notes say that the Generation of large report problem is solved using virtualizer. but actually i doesnt solve. I used JProfile Memory Debugger and foud out that there is a memory leak. I have the snap shots with me. If u want to have a look u can mail me ur mail id or send a mail to nagaraja.a@db.com so that i will be able to send u the JPEG's

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