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By: Britton LaRoche - bwesley

Japser Rocks!

2002-05-17 13:22

I've been using japsper since 2.3 and its really a great reporting tool. We've integrated it into our application and it works great! We've even added graphs with Kava charts. You can generate a chart and pass in the chart name and directory as a parameter. I can't wait to test out the new Sub reports!

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I am using jasper server and ireport. I like the charts kava provides. how did you get it to work with iReport? iReport uses JFREE Charts and they are outdated looking if you ask me. I would very much like to use the kava charts if possible.


i am not very java savvy, but am a long time user of jasper server and iReport.


your reply is greatly anticipated.




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