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Iterate over a collection

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By: Vikas - saxena_vikas

Iterate over a collection

2005-03-07 16:21



Can we create a collection of our transfer objects using a stored procedure and pass this collection to the report as a parameter and iterate over this collection to show the report ? This would mean that we import our classes into the report.


Also do you have any recommendation as to which tool is good for designing the report. Please let me know as soon as possible.








By: allfonsaravanan - allfonsaravanan

RE: Iterate over a collection

2005-09-28 22:40

u can use iReport tool....

if u already use pls solve this query..


i have a problem with iReport....

i m using ireport as a designing purpose for getting my .jrxml file ...and this jrxml file pass input as my servlet...

and i m going to get a out as HTML format....in here i m using normal sql query it works fine...

i have to call my stored procedure passing one parameter and it has to return five fields......

i dont know how to call stored procedure from iReport..or in my jrxml file (Report Query)(Oracle db)

i tried this but not working


call {testreport()}--- without parameter..

exec {testreport()}--- without parameter..

if anybody solve this query i m very thanful u guys.......

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