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Jasper 5.5 Installation problems

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I have try many installs of Jasperserver 5.5 Community Edition now (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X) and they all seem to have a common problem.

I just cannot create any Dashboard, or Access Grant Schema or Link or OLAP.

I tried using different databases and still have the same issue.

Is anybody else experiencing similar issues?

To replicate it is easy, just install jasperserver_5_5 on any platform with samples and then login as jasperadmin or even joeuser and try to create a new Dashboard. For instance you can even try the bitnami version on AWS.

I really need help here.




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Thanks for the tip.

Actually the dashboard is one think, the next one is to be able to drill down a report.

For example the first level report would give us a class summary with just the students and their scores the if the teacher click on a student name it would then see a report detail about that student with a summary per subject. And the if click on a student subject the detail of that subject would then be displayed.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.




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Yes, this is most definitely possible.

To do so, you will need to export / import our repository. You can find the documentation of how to do it in our Jasper Reports Server Admin guide available for download from our support portal. (support.jaspersoft.com)

As an AWS customer, you get access to a free support package that includes access to the support portal and our premium documentation, if you signed up for support, you should have the credentials in the mail already.




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