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Professional state of jasperReports

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By: kootjekip - kootjekip

Professional state of jasperReports

2005-08-04 01:25

At first: Technically spoken, Jasperreports is a very good product, but....


The quality of a product is not only it's technics but also:


- userdocs, very bad with jasperreports

- techdocs, bad, no explanation of what a function does only a brief summary....

- presentation, good, but can get better...



By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Professional state of jasperReports

2005-08-04 02:08




Currently we are preparing the new edition of the

PDF guide. JavaDoc comments were added to the main

classes of the library and we are continuing to add

comments to all classes and methods as we go.

In the next few version we hope to have Javadoc

comments throughout the whole API.


For us, the documentation project has even greater

priority than crosstabs at the moment.


If you have suggestions about how we can make the

product better, please submit requests on the "Request

for enhancement" page here at Sourceforge.net.


Thank you,





By: kootjekip - kootjekip

RE: Professional state of jasperReports

2005-08-04 03:19

Wikipages!!! I love them, i've already posted it in the RFE, under 'documentation'

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