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How to change Input Control default of [Null]


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Using a "Single Value" input control, with setting of Mandatory and Visible and a datatype of Text, and when used it always displays a default of "[Null]". Therefore when the control is used, the user always needs to delete the "[Null]" text and then enter a value.

Running version 5.2.0.  Our previous version 5.0.0 always (and preferrably) defaulted to an empty input control.


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[Null] is the default value, in order to change it, you may want to set another default value, e.g. empty string:

<parameter name="MyParameter" class="java.lang.String">
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To ktalarico - Thank you for your response to this issue.  Can you please elaborate on how this would prevent mandatory input control from working?  I believe what you are saying is that is a user could get away with a running a report without inputting a mandatory parameter themselves, because technically the code has already given a value to the parameter.  Please let me know if this is what you mean.  Thanks!

Other than that this solution appears to work well, with the parameter being input by the user overwriting the empty string that was initialized.  Something to consider in the design would be an indicator to the user that the field is mandatory.  

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