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How can i get user name and password in jasperserver to paass in url of DB Connection

netti royala
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Hai Friends . I want to get username and password of jasper server logged in user ,then i want to pass those username and password in URL of DB to get connection from the DB,then after i would like execute the report by using URL.here my DB user name , password are the JasperServer users and their password are equal ,how can i pass,Colud you please some one help me.
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What are you trying to accomplish with this?  Since the connection to the database is set up with a specific name and password, I don't think you can change that on the fly.  This also doesn't sound very secure.  If you are trying to control the data that a user can access, the pro version allows you to do this by setting up a domain and a security file.

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Thank you for responding to this.I am trying Pass username and password in the URL,so i can see which user can modify the data,here user name and password are not same for all time.it can be changed based on the user.I could perform this one in java application ,but how can i here ?
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Are you trying to connect to a different database based on the user?  You can do that using attributes.


"Attributes are name-value pairs that are associated with users, organizations, and the server itself. Attribute values can be used to parameterize access to data sources, Domain data, OLAP data, and report output. "

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