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can't pass parameters

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By: os_boy - mojacko_man123

can't pass parameters

2005-06-23 22:29

hi all...i have a java program that uses the different jasper methods...and i have declared several parameters in my JRXML file...


<parameter name="LastName" isForPrompting="false" class="java.lang.String">


in my java program i tried passing parameter value to this parameter using


Map parameters = new HashMap();



the problem is, the parameter value is not passed to the fillReport method...


can anyone help on this???




By: os_boy - mojacko_man123

RE: can't pass parameters

2005-06-23 22:38

by the way...here is where i used the parameters...


<queryString><![CDATA[sELECT mnPBX_Directory.mnPBX_LocalNum,mnPBX_Directory.mnPBX_LastName,mnPBX_Directory.mnPBX_FirstName,mnPBX_Directory.mnPBX_Department,mnPBX_Data.mnPBX_CallerID,mnPBX_Data.mnPBX_StartDate,mnPBX_Data.mnPBX_EndDate,mnPBX_Data.mnPBX_StartTime,mnPBX_Data.mnPBX_EndTime,mnPBX_Data.mnPBX_PhoneNo,mnPBX_Data.mnPBX_Duration,mnPBX_Data.mnPBX_TypeOfCall FROM mnPBX_Data INNER JOIN mnPBX_Directory ON mnPBX_Directory.mnPBX_LocalNum=mnPBX_Data.mnPBX_CallerID WHERE mnPBX_Directory.mnPBX_LastName=$P{LastName} AND mnPBX_Data.mnPBX_TypeOfCall IN ($P{TypeOfCall})]]></queryString>


i really appreciate any help...i import jasperreports-0.6.4.jar



By: Franco Weichel - franco_weichel

RE: can't pass parameters

2005-06-29 06:07

Maybe it's becaue you pass 'FirstName' as parameter and the Report is awaiting 'LastName'?


Or you have to place more code so we could see the error you made.



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