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Is it possible to embed iReports ?

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Hi everyone. It's maybe a really stupid question.

I am developping a platform that will be used by several users (maybe a thousand), and they need to have access to a reporting module.

I though, why not iReport, it's powerful and the tool is already made. But then, I wonder, is it possible to embed iReport into a platform, so users can access like a SaaS ?

Or is it necessary to have it installed on your desktop ? If it's the case, then I guess I should use JasperReports Library, but I'll have to develop code to make it work I guess.


Thanks by advance, sorry for the newbie question.

Cheers, Vince

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Hey, thanks for fast feedback.


Damn, I guess this Ad Hoc Feature belongs to the entreprise version of JasperReports :( (I need something free) ... And as far as I read for the moment, the "map component" that exists in iReport does not exist here.


Ok Ill look for further informations through this wiki to find what fullfill my needs.








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