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report variable problem

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By: Ryan Johnson - delscovich

report variable problem

2002-04-18 15:04

Hi all,


I have two questions:


First, I know of several undocumented variables that are available with the $V{} syntax, including PAGE_NUMBER, PAGE_COUNT, GROUP_COUNT and REPORT_COUNT. They seem to exist by default. I was wondering if there were any others, or if these are all of them. (Maybe documentation on them is coming in the future?)


Second, I have implemented JasperReporting in a program, with a "Page i of n" footer, and noticed that PAGE_COUNT does not reset between calls to fillReport(). Generating more than one report from the same VM instance results in problems.


If I create three two page reports in a row, the footer on the first page for each report says "Page 1 of 2", "Page 3 of 4" and "Page 5 of 6", respectively. Is there a way to reset this variable, or is this a bug?


I would guess that REPORT_COUNT will have the same problem, but I haven't tested it to find out.






By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: report variable problem

2002-05-13 23:58




I have not tried to reproduce your error but

I'm quite sure this is exactly what happens

when you reuse JasperReports objects.


In the new version of the library (0.3.0),

this problems are fixed, since there is enhanced

support for concurrency and reusability of report





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