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Direct URL don't work properly after jasper server CE upgrade to v. 5.2


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Hello to all,


I upgraded jasper server communinty from v. 4.7 to v. 5.2.

Opening this URL:



It displays a page with the header (Page n., next page, previous page) but with nothing inside.


In the previous version it works fine and also in v. 5.1 test environment.


The report has some parameters that are not visible. 


I made some checks: I make those parameters visible.


Running the report, parameters are proposed and confirming, report works fine.


It can be a version bug?


Any suggestion will be appreciated


N.B.: running above URL in Chrome, opening the developer tools (F12) I found an error with this desciption: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'find' of null "


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Hi tkavanagh,

I seen that if I use direct url with reports without parameters or with visible parameters, It works fine...



I think the problem is linked to not visible parameters



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