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Option to ignore page margins of a subreport

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By: Nathan Vick - nathanvick

Option to ignore page margins of a subreport

2005-05-20 17:07

I would find it easier to work with subreports if I had an option to ignore the page margins of the subreport. I often use several subreports on the same page with a box around each of them. In this case, I use them for their detail and group bands, and their page margins are not useful.I could also imagine using subreports to print several different reports in one print job. In this case, the page margins are quite useful.


What do other people think about this? To clarify my suggestion, here is a short an example:


<subreport ignorePageMargins="true">




Thank you considering my request,


Nathan Vick

Capilano College




By: jorge - sirion_oef

RE: Option to ignore page margins of a subreport

2005-05-21 14:33

if you are using iReport: in the report properties set the margin values to 0 for each sub report, that's all



By: rajan712 - rajan712

RE: Option to ignore page margins of a subreport

2005-05-24 12:00

Hi Nathan


I am having trouble in understanding the subreports, could you please share your java code & jrxml with me. I would like to use custom datasource instead of databasae connection. Kindly send it to my email thiru73@hotmail.com.

Thanks for the help.



By: Nathan Vick - nathanvick

RE: Option to ignore page margins of a subreport

2005-05-27 14:46



Thanks for your suggestion. However, the very reason I suggested this new feature is that after I set the margins of my subreport to 0, I realized that I could no longer use it as a standalone report. Perhaps I did not explain this point adequately.


At first, I was surprised that the margins of the subreports were not automatically ignored. However, upon further consideration, I could imagine arguments for both sides: respecting or ignoring sub report margins. That is why I am now proposing a new feature that would let the author of the master report chose whether or not to ignore the margins of the subreport.






By: jorge - sirion_oef

RE: Option to ignore page margins of a subreport

2005-05-28 17:04

i got your point.


you can pass the values of the margins of the report like a parameter, and set default values for these parameters. When the report is stand alone it will use the default values, and when you use it like a sub report, set that parameters to 0

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