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Classloader unloading report classes

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By: Charles Hudak - chudak

Classloader unloading report classes

2005-02-15 11:27



We've been struggling with some issues dealing with out of memory errors in a high volume web environment using jasper reports.


It seems that we keep blowing the top off our perm space. In diagnosing this problem, I noticed that everytime we finish generating a report, the report class is unloaded by the garbage collector.


It seems that the JRClassLoader doesn't keep a reference to the classes it loads anywhere and since you use an anonymous instance inside your static methods, once the JRClassLoader instance is gc'd, any classes that it loaded are eligable for gc too.


Is there anyway to force the jasper engine to NOT release the reference to the object for which the class was loaded?


Has anyone else had this problem?


FWIW, we are using the static method:


JasperFillManager.fillReport so it looks like it creates a new filler everytime and from what I can tell, the classes are being loaded in the base filler?





By: Oscar - prototipos_java

RE: Classloader unloading report classes

2005-05-24 13:42

I have the same problem, and i have a big traffic in my applaction, did you resolve it? please help.

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