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Proposal to add methods to JRDefaultScriptlet

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By: David - drericha

Proposal to add methods to JRDefaultScriptlet

2005-05-18 09:11

The only way I have found to receive calls to a scriptlet after the detail band, but before the next break in a group, is to place an "invisible" line in a group footer that calls the scriptlet in its "print when" expression - a workable solution, but not so obvious to a beginner like me. Should other methods by added to JRDefaultScriptlet that would be called before/after a band has completed processing (i.e returning subreport parameters) and not just before/after a band has initialized its variables? This would be especially useful when summing subreport return-values in a footer/summary band.



By: found nothing - found-nothing

RE: Proposal to add methods to JRDefaultScriptlet

2005-05-22 05:38

Hi drericha!

now I 'm studing how to use the scriptlet !

and I want to use it in one of my report !can you tell me how can I do ! well ,I have no exemples or docs about it, can you give me an exemple !?

my E-mail is tomcat5257@yahoo.com

thanks in advance !

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