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drawText doesn't work in Linux System : jasper reports server


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I have recently used Barbecue barcode in a report with drawText property checked.
It came up fine in my local server - JBoss 5 + Windows.
But, when I invoked the same report in JBoss 5 + Linux, the Barcode is proper by the text is missing ( draw Text ).
I am really finding it pretty hard to find out what the issue is.
Do you have come across similar kind of issue.

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I see this was posted 7 years ago... and today on 2020 I am having the same issue. It absolutley amazes me how many little issues like this that people have had for YEARS and TIBCO rarely answers the questiosn nor do they seem to make an attempt to fix it. It also amazed me how many little things that should be VERY SIMPLE are completely NOT.

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