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Groupheader white space on next page.

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By: RobertFL - rlamping

Groupheader white space on next page.

2005-05-01 03:36

Dear Peter,


I am experimenting very deeply with inserting page breaks in JasperReports using iReport as a tool.


I use an enclosing group around another one in combination with a subreport. The subreport I have placed in the header of the enclosing group.


In the subreport I use the Report property to set the Summary to print on a separate page. To the subreport I pass some parameters, that I can use in the non-detail bands. I do not pass any data so I have set AllSectionsNoDetail in case there is no data.


I have some information that prints in the column header of the subreport. It prints on the page where the subreport was called. As my summary contains nothing and Print Summary on Next Page is checked, it will bring me to the page where the detail information of the enclosed group is printed.


What I perceive, is that on this next page (where the detail information of the enclosed group is printed), JasperReports preserves vertical space for the group header of the enclosing group, while that information was already printed on the previous page.


Is this the concept? Is there any existing way to specifically surpress this behaviour. (apart form making the groupheader band as small as possible (not very neat)).


If not, could you introduce some nice checkbox to disable this behavour in the next version?

(Ignore band height when content printed on a previous page)


Robert Lamping

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