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Jasper Report Compiling

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By: Venkat - venkat_pasham

Jasper Report Compiling

2005-04-07 21:00

Can someone please clarify this.


If the layout, java experessions in the report r not changing, then I need not compile the report multiple time even if the report is taking some parameters like query, a string etc...??????.


If this is true I want to avoid compile step for a faster report generation.....but my report has lot of parameters tough.


Someone please clarify this as soon as possible.






By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Jasper Report Compiling

2005-04-08 04:35




If the layout and the expressions are not changing,

you do not need to recompile it every time you run it.


The query could be contructed from parameters, like

shown in the "query" sample.


You'll be deploying only the compiler *.jasper file

with your application. Just like you deploy the *.class

files or other resources.


I hope this helps.





By: Venkat - venkat_pasham

RE: Jasper Report Compiling

2005-04-08 07:04

Thanks Teodor....that sure helped me.





By: Manfred Moser - mosabua

RE: Jasper Report Compiling

2005-04-18 13:24

In fact if they are not changing you should not compile each time as it takes a fair bit of time to do so.





By: Venkat - venkat_pasham

RE: Jasper Report Compiling

2005-04-21 07:18

Thanks for all ur responses.



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