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By: Cody - skiboardfreak


2005-03-09 06:58

I'm trying to print a graph only once as a result of a SQL query, but Jasper prints the graph once for every record returned. I have the report setup to print the graph after the entire report has been evaluated, so that all of the copies of the graph are correct; however, I need to be able to specify that only one actual copy of the report should be printed, instead of one for each record returned. Any ideas? I'm assuming that one way would be to use a printWhenExpression, so what is the expected syntax (i.e. $V{REPORT_COUNT} > 0 doesn't seem to work)? If there is a way to redo a datasource or the SQL query itself so that Jasper only sees the result as a single record instead of multiple records, feel free to suggest that as well. Thanks.



By: pramod - pramodkrao

RE: printWhenExpression

2005-03-27 23:17

I think some if u post

example data,

sql query,

and what is expected precisely, it should help u get more responsed from us..






By: sundile - sundile

reports with mySQL, jasperreport-0.6.5,2jsdk.

2005-04-18 00:00

Hi everyone


I'm working on an urgent project. I'm using mySQL database ,jasperreports-0.6.5 vesion and j2sdk java. My problem is that when I import some of the jasper packsges like net.sf.jasperreports.engine or dori.jasper.engine.jasperManager, the j2sdk never recognise them. The error message is as follows


package dori.jasper.engine does not exist.

package net.sf.jasperreports.engine does not exist.




Please help I'm burning here!


reports with mySQL, jasperreport-0.6.5,2jsdk.

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