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Variables in Jasper Reports

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By: Venkat - venkat_pasham

Variables in Jasper Reports

2005-04-11 10:12

I want to declare a variable of type "increment" and I want to increment it based on a group. I am using Ireport and I didn't find a way to specify this.


So, I declared like this in my XML file:


<variable name="flip" class="java.lang.Integer" resetType="Report" incrementType="Group" incrementGroup="Split">


<initialValueExpression><![CDATA[new Integer(0)]]></initialValueExpression>



When I execute Jasper Compile command this is the error I got :


net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException: Attribute "incrementType" must be declared for element type "variable".


Can someone please tell me the right way to do this,






By: jorge - sirion_oef

RE: Variables in Jasper Reports

2005-04-16 16:54

a recomendation, if you gonna use ireport don't modify directly the file if you dont know xml and jasper syntax, ireport does this for you.


what kind of data is $F{PRODUCT_DELTA_ID} ?


if it is String use = new Integer($F{PRODUCT_DELTA_ID} )


if it is Float use = new Integer($F{PRODUCT_DELTA_ID} .IntValue())



if the var is reset every start of a group use = resetType="Group"



you can see the examples that comes with the zip. they are very useful

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