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Hyperlinks inside a PDF file are only opened in web browser


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I generate a PDF file with hyperlinks pointing to local files. This files are all of them (.txt, .pdf, .log, etc) opened in the web browser when clicked.

Is there any option to open this files in the default system application linked to their extension? i.e. if I click on a hyperlink to a txt file I want this file to be opened in the text editor instead of the web browser.

I'm using iReport 4.1.2 and jasperreports-4.1.2. The hyperlinks are created with "Reference" hyperlink type and no other option set.


Thank you all.

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Hi pacoabato ,


What you can do is that you can mention the Anchor Name Expression and the type of the hyperlink you should be using should be selected as Local Anchor.

Then you could navigate through the local pdf's in the same viewer.


For more information you could go through the following link.


Though its for the latest version Jasper Report but this feature remains unchanged so for example you could use the above link.

Hope that it helps.



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Thanks for your answer. I think Local Anchor only works for pdf files. I want a .txt or .odt file (which is pointed in my pdf file by a hyperlink) to be opened into the text editor. And so on with any file type registered in the operating system.
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