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By: Joe Simone - jsimone


2005-04-05 12:48

I've used JFreeChart for some time now, but I'm new to JasperReports. I am wondering whether there is a way to use the "results" of the query in the JasperReport to also provide the JFreeChart chart with it's dataset? It looks from the example code provided with JasperReports that the dataset for the chart would already have to have been setup before calling JasperFillManager. Is there any way around this? I realize that it would mean that the data for the report would have to be limited to the same data for the chart.



By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: JFreeChart

2005-04-06 06:12




Better integration with JFreeChart is now on the roadmap

for JasperReports and I'm working on it.


I hope to be able to provide you with an early version soon.


Thank you,





By: Joe Simone - jsimone

RE: JFreeChart

2005-04-06 12:41



We are very pleased with the magnificent effort you and team have applied to JasperReports. Being to able add a JFreeChart not as an opaque object but as a widget with properties and field references from the SQL query would be really awesome.


We would be more than happy to use and test any code you can provide to make this happen. Initially, we are just looking for a way to place a pie-chart on the page with a one-pass render of both report and chart from the datasource query result.


Thank-you so much for JasperReports and all your work.




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