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Repeated Pages issue in ireport


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Hi Jyothi,

I think you have placed the table element in the detail band , so for each and every record it runs the table  Its advisable to put the table in the summary band. 

If this is not the case then please check the subdataset for the table , that might be containing some issue.


Hope that it helps.



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hey thanks ankur.. I have tried placing in summary band but now its adding empty pages in the starting.. I have solved this issue by writing SELECT 1 FROM DUAL IN MAIN QUERY

For normal, you would not need to do that, you leave the query blank or use it to query the table data. Place your table in the title or summary band, remove the detail (and all othe bands you don´t need), then activate the report setting "When no data = All section, no detail".

Cheers, Thomas


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