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Concatenation with formatting


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I have an expression for a variable where we are concatenating a string, a double datatype parameter (entered at runtime), another string, another double datatype parameter, and a final string.  The expression is shown below:

        "(+/- " + $P{LCF} + (" Fut ~ +/- ") + $P{LCO} + " Opt)"

I would like the two parameters formatted as currency, no matter what the user enters.  So they may enter 3, or 1.5, or .4, and they should be formatted as $3.00, $1.50, $0.40 ($.40 would be acceptable).

Any recommendations?

Thank you,

M. Snyder

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That kindof works David, in fact, that's how I have it set up now. The problem is that the Parameters allow for all kinds of entry, for instance, the user could enter 3, or 1.5 (for $3.00 and $1.50 respectively) and if they do that, the resulting string shows as "(+/- $3.0 Fut ~ +/- $1.5 Opt)". I can also append the second 0 at the end of the Parameter, but then if they do enter 3.00 and 1.50, or something like 1.05 it would not show correctly.


In the meantime though, thank you for the information, and we can use it until we find another solution.

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You can do the following: 

For each double parameter you have, create another parameter (string type). For example, if you have $P{LCF}, create a $P{LCFstring} parameter. In the parameter "Default Value" attribute set the following: new DecimalFormat ("$0.00").format($P{LCF})

Then, set the expression (+/- " + $P{LCFstring} + (" Fut ~ +/- ") + $P{LCOstring} + " Opt)

Don't know if it is the best solution but it should work.

Hope this helps. 



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