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Clarifications Required

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By: servlette - servlette

Clarifications Required

2005-03-28 08:05

What is the role of the following files in JasperReports?


1. jrxml

2. jrpxml

3. jrprint

4. jasper


I am new to learning JasperReports and I've been thru the tutorial provided in JasperReports' website, but I am still unclear on when to use jrprint and jasper files. Also how to generate these files from a command line? My intention is just to display Hello World! on a PDF files using JasperReports.


My question may sound very elementary, but I would appreciate if anyone of you help me out in making me print "Hello World!"


Thanks in advance...




By: Vinod Kumar Singh - vinodsingh

RE: Clarifications Required

2005-03-28 21:13

1. jrxml -> Jasper Report definition file

2. jrpxml -> Exported report in xml format

3. jrprint -> Exported reported in binary format

4. jasper -> Compiled & serilaized report



By: servlette - servlette

RE: Clarifications Required

2005-03-29 08:36

Hi Vinod Kumar Singh,

Let me say thanks for your fast reply. Anyway let me know when I should go for jrprint and jasper.

Yesterday I tried with a sample with a .jasper file, and I got some exception. But when I gave a jrprint file as parameter, it printed me a PDF report.


Could you explain me more on the usage of the aforementioned 4 files?


Thanks in advance...




By: Vinod Kumar Singh - vinodsingh

RE: Clarifications Required

2005-03-30 00:32

1. jrxml -> When you write a report you save it as reportname.jrxml. It is pure text, complying to JasperReports DTD.


2. jrpxml ->

3. jrprint ->


export filled report for future viewing just like exporting to pdf or MS-Excel format.


4. jasper -> When you compile your report 'reportname.jrxml', you get 'reportname.jasper', user this file for filling report.

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