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Performance statistics

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By: Sebastiano Ietti - sietti

Performance statistics

2005-03-15 08:28

hi all,

i know that there are a lot of factors involved in the performance, but i'd like to harvest some of your statistics to see if i'm in the right order of magnitude. i.e. if there's some room in the tuning or if i've reached the limits.


my idea is that i post the timing results of a big report i'm trying to optimize and you reply with your timings, if you have some.


Here's the result of my test:


Report brief description: no images, 3 levels of groups.

Query execution: 14056 milliseconds

Report compilation: 19962 milliseconds

Report filling: 3135768 milliseconds

PDF exporting: 1317624 milliseconds


Total time: 4488151 milliseconds (74 minutes)


Rows extracted: 108000

Pages in PDF: 2400






By: Henrik Steudel - borti

RE: Performance statistics

2005-03-22 01:11

System: Websphere 5.0, JasperReports 0.6.1

Basic Report with one Subreport, 2 levels of groups

Query (IBM DB2 with MQT, 341693 rows): 750ms

loading compiled report from filesystem, therefore 500ms

custom datasource generation: 5800ms

report filling: 33500ms

pages: 265


Still trying to reduce filling time which need 5/6 of whole generation time. Does update to 0.6.4 may help me ?

thx in advance

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