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how to show tooltip/value over bar chart?

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I am using iReport 4.7 community edition,ubuntu 12.04,making report & viewing it in both iReport and in HTML format, in chrome browser. I put 3D bar chart in summary band and want to show value on its tip (i.e. on top).So I go by below way.

1) check on show Labels & show Legends in 3D Bar Chart Properties

2) Right click on Chart > Chart Details > Details > Category Details > by selecting category,Modify > Item Hyper link > Tool tip > Tool tip Expression > $F{dayname(ServiceDate)}.toString() , where $F{dayname(ServiceDate)} is field name

even though, its not showing anything


Is this facility not present in community edition ? Should I embed any other .jar file for that ?


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Tooltip provide to show value when mouse over event occur on that perticular bar. If you want to show value above the bar then there is a property to show value. select bar chart and go to its properties.

In Pie chart you can write label expression like "label : value expression" so it displays label with respective values.

Try this may be helpful. 

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Go to the BarPlot properties where you find some propertis like

Value axis Verticle tick label , Show labels, Show tick labels etc.

I not remeber which property exactly I used but out of that properties one property surely used for your requirement.

So check all BarPlot properties and Let me know which property you used.  

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Explain this, please. For check "Show labels" I am "playing" with this check box, and in first step labels not showing in report.
After that I write customizer and labels was displayed.
After thhat I am delete customizer and labels was displayed too.

I do not understand this behavior

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Some how even this check box looks checked but that check not active when you uncheck it & then again checked then that property becomes active first time. This behaviour should always remember becouse to make any property active you need to click on it  but there also some properties like Value axis tick label mask which used for masking not worked from property window eighter you have to set it from XML code or by some customizer class.

This issue i raised in bug tracker earlier, may be fixed in Jasper 5.0

Let me know if you know any tricks and tips about jasperserver properties. 


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