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Problemin printing Hindi data in pdf ?


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We are using JasperReports to print a report in pdf format which gets thedata from datasource. The data in datasource is mainly hindi but at the timeof exporting the data to pdf, we see only blank spaces in place of hindidata. Labels for the data (defined statically in English) are printingcorrectly. But rather than showing corresponding hindi data against thelabel, report is showing inorrect characters .The same report, if exported in HTML prints all hindi data correctly. Wehave the following configurations in iReport for the hindi fields.Font Name :Akshar Unicode (This option is selected form all fonts list) Size :12 Pdf Font Name :akshar (File name for this font is akshar.ttf) Pdf Encoding :IDENTITY-H {Unicode with horizontal writing}Pdf Encoding :true Please help us trace the reason for this.Thanks and RegardsSunil  Shiwankar[/code]
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I am not a common user dealing with document and image processing. But it is said that choosing a fine third party tool is very important to the document and image printing work. As for myself, I have only tried to print PDFs with the help of the free trial package of a third party tool whose way of processing is simple and fast. Besides, it seems to offer image and document printing tutorials about how to print images like GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc. It is just one of many but I do appreciate it because it is totally manual. Even though I only tried its free trial package to print documents and images and didn′t check the cost and licensing conditions, it worked great for me. I am considering to buy the pro version, and still enjoying their free online conversion service. You can also google one to help you with your printing work. I hope you success. Good luck.

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