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By: Samanth Athrey - samanth_athrey

calling a SP

2002-04-10 22:02

hi all,


i tried calling a SP directly from the XML file and it works. but when i pass that as a parameter it fails. why is this so?


also, i have a questions. i checked the code JRQueryExecuter where it actually executes the SQL statement. Here it is using PreparedStatement! How is it possible for it to execute a SP??? any idea? or is there something that am missing out here






By: Steven Blough - stevenblough

RE: calling a SP

2002-04-11 04:51

You can not use a SP with a parameter within the XML. To do this you will need to use a datasource object. It takes a bit more work but you will have a far more flexible solution in the end.


-Steven Blough




By: Samanth Athrey - samanth_athrey

RE: calling a SP

2002-04-11 05:01

correct, i agree with you.


but when you say <queryString><![CDATA[Get_OrderDetails[123]]]></queryString> this works perfectly fine. how is that??? if you try just passing the value 123 as parameter from a component, it gives a vague runtime exception. i fail to understand this!!



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