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Drilldown reports with a tree-like view in Jasper


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I've seen a number of reports in Jasper that use hyperlinks to allow a user to drill-down from a high-level to more specific parts of their data. My understanding is that this uses hyperlinks to navigate between a set of related report definitions, where each separate level uses a different report definition. So a yearly summary report shows rows representing a years worth of data. Clicking on one of these entries hyperlinks you to a separate report showing the same data broken down by quarter for the selected year, then perhaps months within quarters, and so on until you reach individual transactions for a particular day.

My understanding however, is that each report is effectively separate so that opening the quarterly summary for a given year means that all the other yearly data disappers and is replaced by the quarterly data for the selected year.

What I am looking for however is more like a hierarchy of groups in a tree view. The user could then click on a node in the tree to open the next level summary for that node, while still having the other nodes in the tree visible. The user should also be able to have multiple nodes open at once to facilitate year-by-year comparisons, and that sort of thing.

Does anyone know if this is possible in Jasper?


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This sounds more like an OLAP view to me where you can collapse and expand the dimensions.  The ad hoc crosstabs in the commercial server include the ability to expand and collapse the header and row groups, but this would be a summary type of report (as that is what crosstabs are).

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 I know this thread is quite old but we have a very similar requirement to show drill down data as a tree-like structure within the same report without replacing the parent level data. Is there any solution that's available now (Jasper Server version 7.1.0) for jrxml based reports?
Really appreciate any help. Thanks!

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