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Print to text file

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By: Romy Yuliawan - snricek

Print to text file

2002-03-17 21:47


I want to generates 1 Jasper file to 2 output, to PDF as web content and to text file as archives.

Is possible to print Jasper Reports to text file ?






By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Print to text file

2002-03-25 06:13




The output of JasperReports is too rich

to store in a simple text file.

It is possible to create such a generator,

but it will be almost useless since you

cannot represent exactly the same documents.


Using JasperManager you can supply

an OutputStream object to the PDF generating


You can implement you own OutputStream object

that sends the content simultaneously to the

browser and to a file on disk.







By: Romy Yuliawan - snricek

RE: Print to text file (I got ascii code)

2002-03-28 01:53

Hi Teodor,

This is a part of my jsp code, no error, but the "outStream.txt" contains only ASCII code, not text formatted.


String fout=application.getRealPath("/JasperReports/outStream.txt");




any suggestion ? if possible, please share me an example.


Thanks for your help




By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE2: Print to text file

2002-04-07 03:21




The "fillReportToFile" method that you used only

lets you to specify the name of the file that

will be generated.

But even if you name you file ".txt" does not

mean that it will contain readable text.

In fact it still represents a .jrprint file,

so it contains a serialized JasperPrint object

and not simple text.


In order to generate simple text documents,

we have to include in JasperReports a special

JRPrinter that would know how to arrange text

in order to keep the generated document general



Alex Parfenov did a good job in this direction

by creating such a printer class and I think

we will use his code in the future versions.


For the moment, generating simple text documents

is not possible.




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