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how to use Groups to get the data d


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I am a newbie to jasper report. I want to generate the report as per the mock report i have attached.


data 1 title

columne1 column2 column3 column4

data            data          data         data

data            data          data         data

...                   ..........     .......              .....

.....                 ....           ......             .....

subtotal      sum         sum         sum

data 2 title

column1 column2 column3 column4

data          data         data           data

data          data         data           data

sum          sum         sum          sum

I tried using Group and i get

data 1 title

column 1 column2 column 3 column 4

data 2 title

column 1 column2 column 3 column4

detail 1

detail 2

sum          sum           sum          sum

subtotal     sum          sum          sum

I am not sure how to procede can any one please help me find a solution.











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I'm actually glad to see you're designing your report like that.  Whenever I create groups, the first thing I do is make sure it's wide enough for my group description AND the column header labels, and I delete the standard column header band.  I don't like any information to come between column header labels and the data they describe, and I think it's worth an occasional repeat of those labels if it makes the report easier to read.

Two other techniques I also use every time I group that I thought I'd share with you:

1. I check the "Reprint header" box property (you'll see it if you select the group header band) and I also set the "Min height to start new page" property to 80 or something like that (enough for my 40-high group header and two detail bands of 20 high each, for example), to avoid ending a page with a new group header.

2. Where you have "Data 1 Title", I actually drag two copies of that into the group header band and have them overlap.  That may seem odd, but here's why:  first I set a "Print when expression" on each copy that is mutually exclusive and is based on the automatic count variable you get when you create a group:  I make one of them be $V{GroupName_COUNT}==0 and the other be $V{GroupName_COUNT}>0.  Now the first instance will display when I break from one group to another, while the other version will only print if I am continuing a group at the top of a subsquent page.  Now I can make them look/behave slightly differently.  I usually make the ==0 version bold and I also create a PDF bookmark for it, while the >0 version, all I do is add " (continued)" to the end of the Text Field Expression.

I use these two techniques so much with groups that it's really second nature and goes by very fast now.  Good luck!


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