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Is the Bug & feature request working?


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swood wrote:

Welcome to JasperForge, Javier!

Trackers are here: http://jasperforge.org/sf/tracker/do/listTrackers/projects.jasperintelligence/tracker

We moved all the outstanding tracker items across from SourceForge, including yours.


I'm aware of the movement, what I want to know is how to create new bugs/feature requests.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Javier,


In order to submit new bugs, patches, and feature requests you need to be logged into the Developer Forge portion of JasperForge.org.


To do this;


1. Create an account on the Developer Forge, http://www.jasperforge.org/sf/sfmain/do/createUser


2. Login on the Developer Forge, http://jasperforge.org/sf/sfmain/do/listProjects


3. Go to the appropriate project and select "Tracker" and then the appropriate Tracker; Bug, Feature Request, or Patches and enter the item.


We appreciate the feedback on JasperForge.org as we continue to refine the site. Generally access rights on the site are as follows:


No Account: view Downloads, Community, News, Documentation, Forums & Projects: view all.


JasperForge.org Account: post & view Forums, Community, access Downloads & Projects: view all.


Developer Forge Account: All of the above & Project: Tracker submit & view, Development Forum post & view, wiki Create/Edit/View.


As all of the JasperSoft projects are open, once you have an account on the Developer Forge you can contribute to the projects without having to "join" the projects.


I hope this helps and again, welcome to JasperForge.org.



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