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Jaspersoft Studion Data Adapter - database port


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When I create a new Data Adapter in Jaspersoft, JDBC connection, I am unable to change the database port (Oracle) from 1521 to something else.

I can edit the value in JDBC URL, but when I click on Finish, it got back to the original value.

Where is the template for this URL, so I can hopefully edit it?

The themplate is: jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:MYDATABASE

Is there any known workaround for this?



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It is Jaspersoft Studio 1.0.7.

I just created a datasource from Welcome page. If I edit datasource and  type URL directly it gets overwritten by defaults, at least for "port" portion.

By the way - next tab of datasource wizard is called "Connection Properties" and even if I put property there (like port = 1541) it gets ignored and default template for url is displayed next time I open the datasource wizard.

If I stay in datasource wizard and edit URL, it work fine when I click on Test button. It only does not get saved when I click on Finish button.

I have <datasource>.xml file in my project containing my properties, but it seems to be ignored.

There is no Save option - this is exactly the same dialog like in iReport, except that iReport saves the modified URL and Studio does not.

How to reproduce:

1. Modify Oracle db port from default 1521 to something else.

2.Repository Explorer -> Data Adapters -> (right mouse click) -> Create New DataAdapter. Choose 'JDBC Connection'.

3. Modify URL for your database parameters.

4. Click on Test button to verify the connection.

5. Close the wizard.

6. Open the wizard.

7. The URL is back to default values - jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:MYDATABASE.


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 ok, we'll need to log this as a bug in the tracker.

Looking at it, I suspect that it might actually be working ok behind the scenes.  The reason I say this is that I tried to export it and go change the exported file to see if I could then import it to get around the issue in the UI, but when I look at the exported file, it has the port that I entered, not the default shown in the UI when I reopen it.

BTW, I moved this post to the Jaspersoft Studio forum and deleted the duplicate you had.  With Jaspersoft Studio being pretty new, I will make sure that the forums are being watched better.  Sorry about that.

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