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A Maven Repository for JasperIntel?


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I'm looking for a Maven Repository from which I can download the built JasperIntel libraries.


I'm hoping thats at http://scm.jasperforge.org/svn/repos/jasperintelligence_maven as is hinted at on http://jasperforge.org/sf/scm/do/viewRepository/projects.jasperintelligence/scm.JasperIntelligence_Maven2_reposi

but I can't tell because it wants a password that I don't have.


I noted that JasperReports is available via IBiblio. Where can I pick up the JasperIntel libs so that I can build against them?



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The password it is looking for is the jasperforge developer's password (that you should have in order to post to this forum). There is an outstanding issue with the Jasperforge ... there is a regular login (for downloading essentially) and there is a developer login (in order to post, etc to all projects). Confusing, but hopefully cleaned up soon.


So, the svn access should hopefully work for you. You can also download the source as a zip file download from the downloads area.


Also, take a look at the JasperIntelligence-Source-Build-And-Developer-Guide.pdf from the documentation area of jasperforge. It talks about the different ways to get source and then has steps for building.



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Thanks Tony, that got me there.


Perhaps the comment at http://jasperforge.org/sf/scm/do/viewRepository/projects.jasperintelligence/scm.JasperIntelligence_Maven2_reposi should be changed to indicate that its not an anonynous checkout.


BTW are there are plans for the JasperServer components to be installed in that Repository?




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