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GPL or Apache License

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By: Eric Chan - ericchan001

GPL or Apache License

2001-12-19 19:49

Hi, Teodor


Thanks for your great work in JasperReports.


Our legal people are a little concern of the use of GPL in JasperReports. GPL seems to suggest that if we use JasperReports in an J2EE environment, the project becomes GPL'ed. As we will be running in the same memory space and kind of "linked" together. I am sure that is not your intention.


Would you consider using Apache License instead since JasperReports has included many software from Apache.


Thank you for your good work again.


-- Eric C



By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: GPL or Apache License

2001-12-19 23:52




Thank YOU, Eric!


As for the license problem:

I have to recognize that this issue still puzzles

me a lot and I didn't pay too much attention

to it.

However, I'll be glad to make available this

product to everyone, not only to GPL projects.


I think I'll study this in detail and come up

with a solution like double licensing the product.







By: Eric Chan - ericchan001

RE: GPL or Apache License

2002-01-15 14:47

Hi, Teodor


Any thought on the license?


Will you consider LGPL or Apache license?


Best regards




By: Artur Biesiadowski - abies

RE: GPL or Apache License

2002-02-01 05:29

I would like to bump this thread. I'm considering few java report packages available at sf and so far this seems to be the best one. Only problem is GPL. I can use anything 'less' - from LGPL, through Artistic/BSD down to public domain etc. But GPL is out of question for me, unfortunately.


Best regards to dev team,




By: Todd V. Jonker - toddster

RE: GPL or Apache License

2002-02-13 10:33

I'm in the same situation. Developing a commercial product, using many other OpenSource packages. We simply cannot use GPL'd code since it cannot be legally intermingled with other Open Source licenses and certainly not with closed source of any kind.


I'd love to use (and contribute to) JasperReports, but as long as it's under GPL it's just not possible.




Todd V. JonkerInpath Solutions, LLCwww.inpathsol.comtjonker (at) inpathsol.com




By: Teodor Danciu - teodord


2002-02-14 05:12




I have finally decided.



The JasperReports license will be changed

to LGPL starting with the 0.2.5 version.


I think this is good news for everybody and

that the product will only benefit from it.


Thank you all,





By: Tom Furrer - tfurrer

RE: GPL or Apache License

2002-02-15 01:59

I think we all do appreciate your decision!


Keep up the good works,



P.S. For when is 0.2.5 scheduled and does it provide for subreports?



By: Eric Chan - ericchan001

RE: GPL or Apache License...

2002-03-06 13:35


Hi, Teodor


This is long over-due message to say "Thank you" for changing to LGPL.


-- Eric

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