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problem running on i-planet

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By: Steven Blough - stevenblough

problem running on i-planet

2002-02-19 06:11

I am trying to run the letter.jsp example on I-planet and I am receiving a blank page back into the browser.

I then separated the steps for generating the report and found the following messages.


“JasperReports :: File reportFile = new File(application.getRealPath("/JasperReportsLetter.jasper"));”

“JasperReports :: JasperReport jrReport=JasperManager.loadReport(reportFile.getPath());”

[Loaded java/io/ObjectInputStream.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/io/ObjectInput.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/io/ObjectStreamConstants.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/io/Externalizable.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/io/ObjectStreamClass$1.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/lang/NoSuchFieldException.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/lang/reflect/Field.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/lang/reflect/Modifier.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/lang/Byte.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/lang/Short.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/io/ObjectStreamClass$2.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/security/MessageDigest.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/security/MessageDigestSpi.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/security/Security$ProviderProperty.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded sun/security/provider/SHA.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/security/MessageDigest$Delegate.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/security/DigestOutputStream.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/io/ObjectStreamClass$MethodSignature.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/lang/Void.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/lang/NoSuchMethodException.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/io/ObjectOutputStream.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/io/ObjectOutput.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/awt/Color.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/awt/Paint.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/awt/Transparency.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/awt/Toolkit.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/awt/Toolkit$3.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/awt/PaintContext.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/awt/color/ColorSpace.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/text/ParsePosition.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[signaling Error: error already pending]

[signaling Error: error already pending]

[signaling Error: error already pending]

[signaling Error: error already pending]

[signaling Error: error already pending]

[signaling Error: error already pending]

[signaling Error: error already pending]

[signaling Error: error already pending]

[signaling Error: error already pending]

[signaling Error: error already pending]

[Loaded java/util/HashMap$3.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

“JasperReports :: JasperPrint jrPrint=JasperManager.fillReport(jrReport,parameters,new JREmptyDataSource());”

[Loaded java/util/HashMap$1.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/text/CharacterIterator.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/awt/GraphicsEnvironment.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded sun/awt/X11GraphicsEnvironment.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded sun/java2d/SunGraphicsEnvironment.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded sun/awt/font/NativeFontWrapper.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded java/lang/InternalError.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]

[Loaded sun/io/CharacterEncoding.class from /usr/java/jre/lib/rt.jar]


I am running with the following software versions:

JasperReports 0.2.4

iText 0.73

Java 1.2.2

Solaris 2.8 w/ xServer Installed

i-planet 4.1 serv pack 7


If you have any insight into the possible cause or a direction that I should continue looking I would appreciate it.



Steven Blough





By: Steven Blough - stevenblough

RE: problem running on i-planet

2002-02-19 10:23

I forgot to mention that it works fine in tomcat 4 on windows 2000



Steven Blough



By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: problem running on i-planet

2002-02-24 04:40




I have experienced similar problems when

using Internet Explorer.

Somehow, it does not how to display the

PDF content it receives.


Acrobat Reader has a setting that tells him

if it should launch in the browser's window

or in a separate one. Try to modify this setting.


Maybe you can find more details on the iText site.


Also, try to use other browsers to see

if the problem persists.







By: Steven Blough - stevenblough

RE: problem running on i-planet -solved

2002-02-25 09:27

This actually ended up being a problem with the XServer not being installed and the classpath not being correct. I solved the problem by having Xvfb installed on the server because installing XServer wasn’t an option.



Steven Blough

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