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Subreport Design

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By: Tom Furrer - tfurrer

Subreport Design

2002-02-22 00:47

Is subreports still something to expect in the March timeframe? I am somewhat stuck without them.


Would it make sense to define them (both on the data and the UI design side) as nested reports so the depth is not restricted and design on any level is always the same? On the data side it may be an idea rather than to have individual DataSets for each report and subreport to have one single DataSet that not only contains 'simple' fields (for the mein report) but also other 'DataSet' fields (for the subreports at level one) which themselfs include 'simple' fields and other 'DataSet' fields.






By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Subreport Design

2002-02-24 03:04


Hi, Tom,


Sub-reports are expected in March.


I think there won't be a restriction concerning

the depth of the nesting reports.

Sub-reports will be in fact fully featured

reports, inserted in other reports.


At data level, I imagine providing various ways

to supply data to sub-reports.

An option would be the use of parameters to pass

data sources from the main report to the sub-report.




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