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loadReport does not work in webapp

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By: Michelle Popovits - mpopovits

loadReport does not work in webapp

2002-01-31 13:21



Hi, I'm new to the Jasper Reports.

It looks pretty interesting although I'm not sure it works too well in a j2ee webapp environment (correct me if I'm wrong).


jasperReport = JasperManager.loadReport(fileName);


It seems that the loadReport method does not accept reading the file from a webapp. Would it be possible to overload this method to accept an InputStream and allow getResourceAsStream() to get the file from within the webapp.



public java.io.InputStream getResourceAsStream(java.lang.String path)






By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: loadReport does not work in webapp

2002-02-01 01:03




I think you are right.


Working with streams would be more appropriate.

I'm currently studying this possibility.







By: Michelle Popovits - mpopovits

RE: loadReport does not work in webapp

2002-02-01 07:02

Hi Teodor,


I just modified the Jasper source to incorporate streams for loadReport to work in webapp (I'm still working on other problems). Do you want me to send you the modifications? Where?



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