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By: Tim - javabuddha

I18N Status

2003-12-11 13:19



Just curious as to the status of the I18N effort.


1) Is there anything in CVS yet to use?

2) If not, what are the alternatives?


a) separate reports for each language?

b) an ant task to do a replace on the I18N Strings?

c) build the report directly from the API?


Any status would be greatly appreciated.








By: Edgar Dollin - edollin

RE: I18N Status

2003-12-11 13:38

The NJ MVC Group is putting together a Struts-JasperReports framework which addresses the I18N issue by allowing for properties to be passed to reports as parameters. It is still under development but we are starting a sourceforge project and I will keep you informed of our progress if there is interest.







By: Tim - javabuddha

RE: I18N Status

2003-12-11 19:57

Thanks for the information Edgar. I'll definitely watch out for your project.

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